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5 Signs That Let You Know It’s Time To Replace Old Furnace [Infographic]

Old furnaces can be troublesome. Especially when they start to lose their efficiency. In such situations, it is wise to replace the furnace rather than repairing the furnace. However, not all malfunctions and inefficiencies require replacing the old furnace. Sometimes, the problem can be solved easily with simple servicing or repairing. But how will you know when it is time to replace the old furnace or go with HVAC repair and maintenance. If you notice any of the following 5 signs, be sure that this is the right time to replace and not put for repairing. Because repairing them will be much expensive and inefficient than replacing the furnace.
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5 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Replace Your Old Furnace

Sometimes when homeowners come across any malfunction or any trace of inefficiency, they immediately think just a repair work would be enough to make the furnace efficient enough. However, just servicing or repairing the old furnace won’t be enough. Sometimes, you need to replace the unit completely to get the consistent heated airflow. If you are suspecting inefficient performance or frequent malfunction from your furnace, you can think about giving it a break. Here are 5 signs that will confirm it’s time to replace your furnace where repairing won’t cut.

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Different Energy Efficiency Ratings Of Heating And Air Conditioning Systems [Infographic]

4 Common Energy Efficiency Ratings are SEER, EER, HSPF and AFUE. Here’s what they mean.

Read the whole article here – Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings Of Heating and Air Conditioning or Cooling Systems – SEER, EER, HSPF & AFUE

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Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings Of Heating and Air Conditioning or Cooling Systems – SEER, EER, HSPF & AFUE

Not so long ago, the heating and cooling systems were thirsty like Homer from The Simpsons. However, since the last decade, heating and air conditioning systems have become much more energy-efficient or cost-efficient. HVAC companies have significant changes to their approach to “efficiency”. And to make sure consumers are aware of what type of or how efficient heating and cooling system they are getting for their home, many efficiency rating systems are brought to the market. Today, I’ll talk about them, more specifically SEER, EER, HSPF and AFUE ratings.
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