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Recommended Thermostat Settings for Summer

In summer, you want your air conditioner to perform at an optimum level, but unfortunately, due to misuse of the thermostat setting, many homeowners in the US cannot get the maximum output from their cooling HVAC unit. As a result, their comfort gets hampered. In this article, I’ll talk briefly about the recommended thermostat setting for summer. 

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Recommended Thermostat Settings for Summer [Infographic]

In summer, many homeowners end up spending more than they should. To ensure you don’t have to pay more than you should, here are some recommended thermostat setting for summer –

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4 Mistakes People Make with Thermostat

By using thermostat correctly, you can save a significant amount of money. But most of us make some kind of error while using the thermostat. As a result, we end up spending extra on electric bills. In this article, I'll talk about the common thermostat mistakes most of the house owners do and how to avoid them.

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4 Mistakes People Make with Thermostat [Infographic]

Despite being in households for decades, many people still make mistake setting the thermostat. These mistakes with thermostat, in terms, causes homeowners to end up with a giant electric bill. Today, I’ll talk about 4 most common mistakes people make with their thermostat.

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Key Advantages & Challenges of Active Chilled Beam System in Commercial HVAC Solutions?

Active chilled beams offer a great way to provide regulated heating and cooling over a large commercial space making it easy for business owners to run a commercial HVAC solution. Often, active chilled beams are used in favor of passive chilled beams for a number of reasons. And that is, with a primary air system imbued in an active chilled beam, you ensure some important design factors. 
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