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Common Problems & Solutions from AC Repair Experts for Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate under a different principle from that of a traditional central ac unit. Furthermore, the heat pump is responsible for both the heating and cooling of your home. Therefore, due to that fact that it is responsible for far more, it is also more prone to issues and problems.

Problems with your heat pump are often difficult to figure out or even troubleshoot. However, familiarizing yourself with some of the most common problems and their solutions should help you get a head start on the matter once you do end up with heat pump problems in your HVAC system. Therefore, you will be making hefty savings in AC maintenance & repair while owning a properly maintained and operational system. Let’s jump right into the details.

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Difference Between Heat Pump & Water Source Heat Pump In The HVAC System

Due to the popularity of the HVAC system and its use in households and facilities, many manufacturers and their engineering team worked their brains off to ensure consumers are getting maximum efficiency from the unit. Sometimes the target of increased efficiency involves ensuring less consumption, sometimes the goal is to increase the lifespan of the air conditioning units and sometimes the aim is to keep relatively bigger space controlled in terms of temperature with a relatively small AC unit. These are the primary reason why we see diversified HVAC systems in the market.

They differ in size, functionality, energy consumptions, capacity, portability and efficiency. These heating and cooling units are broadly categorized into 6 different types on the basis of their work function.

1.       Heat Pump

2.       Water Source Heat Pump

3.       Rooftop Units

4.       Split HVAC System

5.       Ductless HVAC system

6.       Packaged HVAC system

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