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HVAC maintenance is undoubtedly one of your most important responsibilities as a homeowner, as an unattended HVAC system will quickly degrade in performance and have a direct impact on your bills. So, when is the best time to schedule an HVAC maintenance? Let’s look at it in details.


When should I schedule HVAC maintenance?

Without a doubt, regular maintenance of your HVAC system is crucial in maintaining its operation efficiency, however, there are times of the year when, your HVAC system will be used a lot more than other times, say during the middle of the winter or summer. Therefore, as most HVAC specialists recommend, it is always a good idea to have your HVAC system undergo heavy maintenance right before the time you need it the most, that is, have your air conditioning units checked out before the summer days start, and do the same for gas furnace before winter comes.


Spring is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to have your HVAC system rejuvenated with some rigorous spring cleaning. Be it commercial HVAC units or residential ones, ensuring that you hire HVAC specialists to look at your system well before spring hits in full force is the perfect way to keep the operational efficiency of your system high in the upcoming months while giving you lots of room to secure good appointments with HVAC repair and maintenance specialists, as we are quite busy during the summer days when a lot of homeowners come down in crowds looking for HVAC specialists to give their system a much-needed tune-up.


Fall is the other great time of the year to get your HVAC system back in good shape. For reasons similar to spring, having your HVAC system checked out well before other homeowners start booking appointments, helps you save both time and money. Moreover, having your system looked after right before the season it is most needed hits, saves you from operating the system at a lower efficiency than expected.


What are the benefits of timely HVAC maintenance?

Having your system looked after early on saves you from incurring higher maintenance costs in case of a failure when you need it most. Say, for example, it’s the middle of the summer, and your HVAC system just happens to malfunction. Not only will you be suffering for a couple of days, but you will also be paying your AC repair and services huge sums of money to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. If similar malfunctions happen during the winter, you’ll be in for a bad spell.

Most homeowners will delay getting their HVAC systems maintained until something goes physically wrong, that is, the valve in the gas furnace has been damaged or the condenser has stopped working. Either way, waiting for a big mishap to happen before calling in HVAC maintenance is not the right way to go. Over time, your HVAC system will require other forms of services, for example, air duct cleaning, so that your central heating and air conditioning system does no operate inefficiently or end up circulating poorly filtered, smelly air around your home.


As all good HVAC maintenance places should, we offer our AC maintenance & repair services year-round to ensure that our customers never have to deal with harsh winter nights or blazing hot summer days in the event of an HVAC breakdown. Have a good look around at our maintenance services, and get your HVAC looked after long before it breaks down and causes problems for you.


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 Best Time to Schedule HVAC Maintenance


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