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Choosing the right furnace can be tough. But think about it this way, you’ll spend once and stay relaxed for years. If your existing furnace has totally stopped functioning, be sure to get one with highest efficiency rating. In the long run, this will save your wallet from crashing because of increased heating expenses. The following are a few things you should know about buying a new furnace -


5 Things To Consider When You Buy New Furnace

·          Source of Energy - When you are living in a region where winter is always around the corner, it is important that you take your time to decide on the source of fuel for your home furnace. A heat pump might seem cheaper than any other equipment at first but will affect your heating expenses in a bad way every month. A gas furnace on the other hand, might be expensive but comes with a lot of lifetime benefits. Gas is a much cheaper fuel and is always readily available, therefore decreasing your utility bills. Oil is too pricey and oil-operated furnaces are the hardest to clean.


·         Efficiency rating - A furnace with a higher efficiency is capable of maximum fuel usage and might be a bit over-priced, say about more or less than $1000-$2000. Now, you must be wondering why you should spend so much on a furnace. But once you’ve bought one of these, you can say goodbye to your worries about heating expenses for a lifetime.


·         Size of Furnace matters - In case you didn’t know, when you buy an over-sized furnace, it will cost you more money. So before you buy a furnace, ask a HVAC professional to do the measurements. Also if you have a big enough home, you’ll need a furnace suitable enough to fulfill your needs and this might be expensive. The correct size of furnace might cost you more, but will surely be much convenient for you in terms of comfort and utility bills every month.


·         Charge to install a furnace - Charge to setup a furnace depends on the duration, location and these also vary if new ducts have to be added anywhere. Furnaces with higher rating of efficiency require new ducts to be setup, in order to ensure proper heating throughout the home.


·         Energy assumption audit at home - Since you’re planning on buying a new high-end furnace which is likely to be expensive, you should find out other sources of energy consumption and try to reduce cost. An HVAC professional might be able to tell you where and how much energy is being utilized. If you want to save money, you can do all this on your own. Here are a few easy steps-

1)      Take a look at your bills again - Using a barometer, you can match your utility costs with other houses in your area. If you constantly find your bills increasing, there is sure to be some complications.



2)      Make sure your home is well-insulated- If your home is not insulated fully, air from outside will continue to enter. The furnace will keep running for a longer time, thus increasing cost. You can block any gaps or un-insulated openings on your own.


3)      In case you change your mind and consider taking help from a licensed HVAC expert, these are the few things to hope for during an in-house assessment -


·         An HVAC expert will inspect the outside and inside condition of the house, looking for any unwanted openings or any mishaps that might increase utility bills. The contractor will also make sure that the house is properly insulated and well-ventilated, fixing any gaps or broken pipes at the same time.


·         A blower door will be connected to the main door and air would be thrust out. Then the amount of air entering will be measured. This process is carried out to figure out the amount of air escaping from inside and how much unwanted air is entering.


·         At last, an Infrared scan will be implemented to determine if the insulation is functioning properly and to fix any un- insulated corners in the house.


·         You should receive a document of assessment, when the expert has finished the investigation. This document will help you save energy at your home. Follow the instructions given by the expert and you’ll be able to conserve some energy.

See the summary of this content here in this infographic – 5 Things To Consider When You Buy New Furnace [Infographic]

5 Things To Consider When You Buy New Furnace

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