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Before you can install the outdoor condenser of your HVAC system, you need to have an HVAC condenser pad in place to house the unit. The HVAC condenser pad plays a vital role in adding stability to the condenser and protecting it from bad weather and pests. Today, we’ll take a detailed look at HVAC condenser pads, why you need them, and how you can go about replacing one should it become damaged.


What Is An HVAC Condenser Pad?

Unless you purchase an air conditioner condenser pad, you will not be able to properly install your outdoor condenser unit. The HVAC condenser pad is a thick pad that provides your outdoor condenser unit a flat stable surface to be installed on.

The objective of the HVAC condenser pad is to raise the air conditioner off the ground, thereby protecting it from moisture, pests, insects, and other animals in your yard.  Therefore, without a condenser pad, the HVAC installation technicians won’t be able to complete your AC installation.


HVAC Condenser Pads Provide Additional Stability to Your Condenser

Along with a flat surface to install the condenser unit onto, the condenser pad helps keep the condenser unit securely in place. Therefore, it improves the stability of the condenser. Furthermore, due to the increased stability, your condenser unit will resist harsh weather conditions and last longer through operation cycles.


The Materials Used to Create HVAC Condenser Pads

Be sure to consult with your local AC repair and maintenance experts before selecting an HVAC condenser pad. Quite a few things go into finding the right condenser pad for your condenser unit, including the size, type, and location of your condenser. If you’re unlucky, you’ll end up damaging the outdoor condenser unit if you install it on the wrong type of pad. Therefore, rely on your AC repair specialists and allow them to choose the right condenser pad for your outdoor condenser unit.

The two common types of condenser pads are:

·         Concrete: Concrete condenser pads have been a reliable choice for many years – and they still are. However, with modern condenser units becoming lighter and smaller, it’s hard to justify the need for a concrete pad to install your outdoor unit onto. And so, if you have a large and heavy outdoor condenser unit, a concrete pad is the way to go.

·         Composite Materials: Newer, lighter air condenser units come with their condenser pads made from composite materials, including plastic and rubber. These are great for modern lightweight outdoor condenser units.


The Durability of Your HVAC Condenser Pad

A key factor when choosing the right HVAC condenser pad is its durability. You need to ensure that the pad will resist ultraviolet radiation. This is because, for an outdoor condenser unit, your pad will always remain exposed to the sunlight. Therefore, with prolonged exposure, you’ll eventually notice cracks and general degradation all over the condenser pad.

In addition to UV resistance, you should make sure your HVAC condenser pad is fully weatherproof. This will prevent additional damage as the weather changes. Ideally, you should prevent the condenser pad from breaking or collecting water during poor weather conditions by weatherproofing it.


Replacing a Sinking HVAC Condenser Pad

If you notice that your HVAC condenser pad is sinking, you should call in ac repair services to replace or re-level the pad before it damages your outdoor condenser unit. Although the replacement process is a bit hectic, it’s well worth the time investment. Without a proactive replacement, you might end up with a damaged condenser in addition to a sunken condenser pad.

Be warned, as the process is expensive and will mean that your air conditioner will be out of commission for some time. Regardless, replacing a sinking condenser pad before any serious problems come up is the best way to avoid spending a fortune on new HVAC replacement hardware.



These support pads are essentials when it comes to prolonging the life of your outdoor condenser unit. Therefore, when you have a new HVAC installation coming in, choose the right condenser pad for your outdoor condenser unit. You can rely on your local AC installation and repair company to choose the best condenser pad for your condenser unit. Moreover, they will handle all the overhead of installing the condenser unit on an appropriate condenser pad.


See the summary of this article here in an infographic – 2 Common Types of Condenser Pads [Infographic]

2 Common Types of Condenser Pads

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