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Are your energy bills higher than you expected? 

The problem might your HVAC system and its lack of proper maintenance that is driving your running costs up.

Air Duct Cleaning – The best way to promote better airflow in your home

Keeping the temperature in your home balanced is not easy. To effectively eradicate hot and cold spots throughout your home, in each room, your HVAC system requires properly maintained and clean air ducts.

If your HVAC system has been running for a while, you will quickly notice that the efficiency of it falls as well. This is because, with the continued operation, the supporting ductwork in your HVAC system becomes blocked with debris and dust and ends up being a detriment to the natural airflow of from the HVAC system. When this happens, it is time for extensive air duct cleaning to restore the ductwork to its former effective state. This serves as one of the simpler ways of reducing the HVAC cost of operation and cut down on energy bills.

Upgrading your windows – a conventional way of helping your HVAC system carry out its job

Windows are a prime spot where conditioned or heated air can easily lose the desired temperature and quickly become a source of irregular temperature distribution in your home. Therefore, if your home has older, they are most likely not the right fit for your modern HVAC system. To cure your energy bill down, you can install new, energy-efficient windows in your home. Although the initial cost might be quite high, you will be saving quite a bit of money in energy bills in the end.

Unsealed windows are another way of ending up with higher energy bills. To amend this problem and keep your HVAC system from working harder to keep the temperature in your home constant, consider reclosing any gaps in your windows from which air can escape. Furthermore, there may be some cracks as well which might be letting out the cool air from your home. In addition to this, you might want to consider weather stripping your windows, this serves as an effective way of keeping the cool air in your home, cool. Finally, you can try advanced insulated double layer windows, which are great for keeping the warmth inside your home during the colder winter months.

Replacing the air filters in your HVAC system

Air filters in your HVAC system are set in place to keep the dust and mold spores out of your ductwork and HVAC system. Furthermore, they serve as an effective measure in preventing dirt and grime from blocking your air vents. However, with time and continued operation of the HVAC system, your air filters will become quite dirty. When this happens, your system will have to work harder to push air through the vents and into your rooms, and therefore work harder to keep the temperature in your home at the desired level. Due to the extra electricity usage by the HVAC system, your energy shoots up. This can be regarded as unnecessary expenditure and can be easily avoided with regular AC maintenance & repair.

There are several indications, which can help you decide on when to replace your air filters. These factors include the presence of pets in your home, the number of peopling living under your roof, the quality of the air in your neighborhood and the time of the year. All of these determine how quickly your air filters become dirty and how often you will need them changed.

With a simple call to the AC repair experts, you can have your HVAC system’s air filters replaced very quickly. It is crucial to get this done as quickly as possible because if left unchecked, the dirt and grime will eventually get into your ducts. Not only that, given the mold spores going around your home, you might quickly end up with molds in the duct, which bring their own set of nasty respiratory problems.

In the event that you do end up with molds in the duct, call in AC maintenance & repair specialists to come and perform extensive mold removal to get rid of the molds accumulation from your ducts. This serves as one of the aspects of air duct cleaning and is an effective way to ensure your HVAC system does not cause any discomfort to your family members. If the mold problem escalates to a point where mold removal is not effective, you will have to opt in for a more expensive option, air duct replacement.

Modern HVAC systems like Goodman have several extra add-ons, which act as the first line of defense against possible mold infestations. Furthermore, in the case of a sophisticated Trane system, you can expect that it to have extensive drainage facilities, which make it great at dispensing excessive moisture produced by the central ac unit.

Upgrade your current system – A good Trane HVAC system can go a long way

If your current system has seen better days and has lost its effectiveness, it might be time to get an AC Replacement to restore efficient heating and cooling in your home. The modern system offers several attractive advantages over older models, which make them great for handling the heating and air conditioning responsibilities. Furthermore, they come equipped with several smart features, which make them quite easy to repair and maintain. This comes into play when you take into account the fact that the key to having an energy efficient HVAC system is ensuring that it is running properly and is maintained frequently. Therefore, consider investing in a more modern Trane A/C condenser to handle the cooling in your home, or even get one of the great Heat Pumps from carrier systems. Once all things are considered, upgrading and opting for a new AC installation might go a long way in reducing the energy consumption in your home and thereby cutting down your energy bills.