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When it comes to luxury homes, comfort is the top priority. And as you know, home comfort isn’t complete without a home HVAC system, especially for these Luxury houses. These days, owners of luxury houses are choosing VRF technology for home Heating and Air Conditioning solution. Before I tell you why luxury home owners are using VRF technology for their home HVAC system, let me briefly explain VRF technology to you.

What is VRF technology in home HVAC system?

VRF technology stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow technology. VRF technology works as an HVAC system, but it is different from the traditional conventional split system HVAC systems. VRF system runs at a different speed according to the conditions as it has many hair handlers.

Now, I will tell you why you need the VRF technology for your HVAC system when you have a luxury house.


Top 4 Reasons to have VRF Technology

1.    VRF HVAC System is Noise Free

After a day full of work, you will want a soundproof sleep. You don’t want your sleep to be disturbed by the sound of your HVAC system. Or, while watching your favorite sport, you want to hear every sound of the game and the sound of your system don’t let you do that. Yes, these are the problems you will have to have to face when you have a traditional HVAC system. The best HVAC or heating and cooling system work noise-free as it believes action speaks louder than words principle. VRF technology-based HVAC system offers you a soundproof service because the heating and air condition system run at a very low capacity, and you won’t hear any sound when the HVAC system is turned off or on.

2.    VRF offers both Heating and Cooling

When you have a big house, it is very much difficult to ensure everyone’s comfort with proper heating and air conditioning. Fortunately, a VRF technology-based HVAC system can offer you both heating and cooling services for your house. It has a feature that can redirect the excess heat from the cooling process to the heating area. As a result, all the family members of your house will get the desired comfort that they want no matter what the weather is outside. Also, you won’t need a separate heating and air conditioning system for this purpose.

3.    Eliminates Hot and Cold Areas in your Luxury House

The VRF technology-based HVAC systems have many air handling units, and because of that, your luxury house will continuously stay at a comfortable temperature in the entire house. With traditional HVAC system, some areas of your home could be slightly cold or warm than other areas of your house. Also, if you have a multi-storied house, you would have noticed that the top floor gets hotter with traditional heating and air conditioning units. But by using VRF technology-based HVAC system, you will get rid of these kinds of problems because VRF technology can produce more cooling power to the areas where you need. In traditional heating and air conditioning system, drafts are a huge problem because it has a huge fan that runs at full speed and as a result, you may face the annoying wind. But the VRF system operates at minimum speed, and you will not face this kind of problem.

4.    Modern Controls

In traditional heating and air conditioning system, you won’t get to use modern controls to increase the comfort level. VRF technology-based HVAC system offers you modern controls to improve user experience. You can control your HVAC system with your smartphones, tablets or computers. Again, if you want to set a weekly schedule, you can do it by setting preferences, and you will not have to tune the thermostat all the time. Sometimes when we go out, we forget to turn off the air conditioner. Because of the VRF technology, you will not have to worry about that anymore. You can simply turn off your air conditioner with your smartphone through a mobile app.


See the summary here in this infographic – 4 Reasons To Have VRF HVAC System for Luxury Homes [Infographic]

Click to see the Infographic

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