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HVAC systems are quite reliable in carrying out the task of keeping the rooms in your home comfortable. One of the main aspects of this comfort is ensuring that all rooms in your home have a constant temperature so that you do not feel any temperature differences as you move about. However, there are often unforeseen factors that drastically affect the HVAC system’s ability to carry out this function. That is, the HVAC system is unable to properly maintain a constant temperature throughout your home despite its best efforts. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the solutions to uneven heating and cooling in your home.


Identifying the problem – spatial or room?

When you walk from one room to another, you might feel a drop or rise in temperature. This room-specific problem is often due to the vents in the room, or the HVAC register. To test whether or not the vents have enough breathing room, move around your furniture and clear out space in front of the air vents. As a result of this, you should be able to stabilize the temperature between rooms.


Air vents often become clogged

Air vents can also become blocked due to dirt. So, if you haven’t cleaned out your vents in a while, it is time to get onto it and ensure better airflow again. Moreover, with cleaner air vents, the air circulation in your home is improved. This helps increase the efficiency at which your HVAC system operates and helps reduce the amount of dust and dirt flying around in your home.


Air duct cleaning is often the solution

In the case of a spatial problem, you will notice that a large area has a different temperature to another one. This is often due to dirty air ducts which feed the vents in those rooms or area. If you haven’t called up the ac maintenance and repair folks in a while for a checkup, it might be the perfect time for some air duct cleaning. By removing excess debris and unwelcome mold from your ducts, air can flow more freely and supply the air vents with ample conditioned air. Due to this, you will get consistent heating and cooling throughout the different areas of your home.


Zoning measures help counter uneven temperature

If that isn’t helping, you might want to consider readjusting the dampers in your air ducts. The dampers are responsible for controlling the airflow to different parts of your home according to the needs of each room. By recalibrating them, you will be able to restore a constant temperature in your home. And if these zoning measures are not already installed in your HVAC system, you might want to get them installed by the best AC repair specialists and get back to stable indoor weather.


Investing in a new central air conditioner

If everything else fails, it might be time to invest in a new air conditioning units. Upgrading from your current system brings a lot of benefits. If your current system is old, it will not be operating at high efficiency. Furthermore, if your old system does not support zoning, your newer system definitely will, as seen in GoodMan systems. Finally, HVAC specialists find high-end systems like the ones from Trane, are easier to maintain and troubleshoot, making it easier to deal with problems like uneven heating and air conditioning in the future.


These are some of the most common and efficient ways to deal with uneven heating and cooling in your home. Although investing in a new HVAC system might seem daunting, it truly pays off in the long. Therefore, consult thoroughly with the experts over at HVAC companies before deciding on what works well for your home, a thorough air duct cleaning, zoning features or a new HVAC system altogether.


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Preventing Uneven Heating and Cooling in Home

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