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If you live in a place where you get to see snow in winter, you are suggested to look after your HVAC system in preparation for winter. The winter is unpredictable and if the snow is in the forecast, it gets more unpredicted. You don't know whether the snowfall will be light dusting or a blizzard. You may think that your HVAC unit is durable, but it still needs to be taken care of to lower your utility bills and extend the overall life of your system. Here are a few tips to get through winter while staying warm and comfortable in your home –


6 Tips to Prepare your Heating and Cooling System for Winter

1.   Replace & Protect Air Filters

If your air filters are dirty, they need to work more to get heat across your home and consumes more electricity while doing so. You are suggested to change air filters every three months as the air filters get dirty very quickly. If you have the habit of smoking or you live in a place like cities, where smoke and dust are everywhere even if you have a cute pet; you might need to replace your air filter once in two months or frequently. By replacing the air filter, you will be able to prevent dust and debris from being circulated in your home and breathe clean air in winter as snow can hamper this process. It is a simple DIY project and easy to do.


2.   Keep Your Vents Clear

If you have the bad habit of throwing your clothes here and there and especially over bedroom vents, you need to change this habit at least in winter. Also, the furniture in your house can cover the vents. It is important to clear these vents during winter. Because limiting the airflow over vents will make it difficult to reach your desired temperature in winter. It can also harm your HVAC unit and lead you to early service. 


3.   Check Home Insulation

If you want your HVAC unit to run at its full efficiency, you need to check the insulation of your home. Check if there are any air leaks and seal them up. Also, look for drafts in windows and doors. You need to check the attic to make sure your home insulation is working right. It is necessary because when your home insulation is working perfectly, your heating and cooling system will perform efficiently. It will also save your money by not paying extra electric bills for defected heating and cooling system


4.   Check The Heat Pumps

Generally, heat pumps are easy to be maintained. Most of the heat pumps are designed and built to prevent snow from collecting on the top of your heating and cooling system. It is recommended to check the heat pumps if it is clear or not. 


5.   Invest in a Generator

Electricity cut is common in winter. Because electricity lines become heavy and there is a chance of falling while it is snowing. This is the main reason behind power cuts. It will be handy for you if you have a generator as a backup in these situations to keep you warm. Again, if you cannot decide which generator will be best for you, you should contact an HVAC professional about this matter.


6.   Schedule a Winter Check

A timely inspection keeps your HVAC system away from future repairs and keeps your system working at maximum level. An HVAC professional is fully qualified to make your home winter ready by ensuring your heating system is working perfectly for the entire season. Tune-ups including equipment clearances, carbon monoxide checks, equipment safety approvals, and all other components should be checked to ensure they work correctly in winter. 


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