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HVAC companies always try their best to improve upon previous technologies and find new ways to improve air conditioning units to better suit the needs of the customer. In order to push efficiency and comfort even further, HVAC systems are being designed to be smarter. These systems are communicating systems that many HVAC manufacturers offer for their two-stage or variable-capacity systems. Let’s take a look at what the core features of a communicating HVAC system are, and what makes them better than their non-communicating versions.


What is a communicating HVAC system?

Communicating HVAC systems functions a bit differently than the traditional ones. In the case of non-communicating systems, controlling each individual unit is just a matter of switching it on or off, however, in the case of a communicating system, individual components exchange information with each other, and the thermostat employs various sensors to adjust the performance of the heating and cooling units to maintain the right temperature of your home.


What are the advantages of a communicating HVAC system?

1.      Higher Efficiency

Communicating HVAC systems bring with them one of their most important benefits, higher efficiency. Because all units are always communicating with each other, information about the current state of the unit itself, the weather inside the home, and the exact requirements are all relayed to units and thus the power or amount of energy sent to a unit is handled more efficiently by the thermostat. Because communicating systems are often variable capacity systems, the thermostat can control the optimum amount of heating and cooling delivered your condensers and gas furnaces, and ensure that no energy is wasted.

2.      Maintenance is easier

Communicating HVAC systems often have simpler wiring than non-communicating ones, as in those cases, several controlling wires need to be added for each individual component added to the system. Furthermore, due to the data exchanged between components, the system is able to notify the AC maintenance & repair technician about its tuning and repairing needs, depending on the state of the system, making it much easier and convenient for them to get to the root of the problem. Hence, although a more experienced ac maintenance expert is required to service a communicating system, it is a far easier process and less effort is expended.

3.      Warranty

Communicating HVAC systems are more reliable than their counterparts as well, and therefore, HVAC companies are not afraid to offer extended warranty deals on communicating HVAC systems.

4.      More comfort

Communicating HVAC systems are able to control the climate in your home to a greater precision by controlling your gas furnaces, central ac units, and blowers. Through this, your operational costs decrease and your home is always comfortable, without any extreme temperatures.

5.      Less noise

With a communicating system, the temperature regulation allows that your system is almost never operating at maximum capacity for long periods of time. This helps bring down the operational noise of the HVAC system down significantly and results in a more comforting living space.

6.      Personal maintenance is easier too

Communicating HVAC systems are often able to communicate whether or not there is proper airflow in the system, and if any of the units, such as your condenser, needs cleaning. This helps serve the purpose of notifying the homeowner about the HVAC system’s needs regarding air duct cleaning, filter replacements and other cleaning activities that can be done by him/her.


The importance of a matched communicating HVAC system

It is especially important in the case of a communicating HVAC system, to ensure that all components are matched, that is, all components come from the same family of HVAC companies. This is because each HVAC manufacturer uses its own standard of communication, and so, units are not compatible across brands. Therefore, ensuring this during purchase and installation is paramount.


Closing thoughts

Although communicating HVAC systems are more expensive than the standard ones, they offer several important benefits which makes your life as a homeowner more comfortable and make the maintenance of your HVAC system much easier. Therefore, investing in a well-known HVAC communicating system will set you up for years of comfort.


See the summary of this content here in the infographic – 6 Benefits of Communicating HVAC System [Infographic]


6 Benefits of Communicating HVAC System

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