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Single Stage HVAC system vs. Multi Stage HVAC system – depending on your house, type location, budget and a few other factors, the title for the most suitable HVAC system might vary.

So, to make the choice between single stage HVAC system and multi stage HVAC system easier for you, we are going to compare them head to head. After this, deciding whether you want a single stage heating and cooling system or a multi stage heating and cooling system for your home will be clear as the daylight.

But before that, you need to know about the single stage HVAC system and multi stage HVAC system well.


What is a Single Stage HVAC System?

A single stage HVAC system is exactly what it sounds – a single stage heating and air conditioning system. It either runs at its full capacity, which is the ON state or it doesn’t run at all, which is the OFF state of the Single Stage HVAC system.


Advantages of Single Stage HVAC System

1.       Less complicated

Since a single stage HVAC system has only one stage to operate, it is less complicated to handle. You just need to turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t – this is as simple as that and even a person with no experience with tech can handle it easily.

2.       Easy to install & cheap  

HVAC installation can cost a lot depending on the central ac unit you are installing. However, the single stage HVAC systems cost less than other multi stage HVAC units for AC installation. Also, installing them is easier in comparison.

3.       Inexpensive

In comparison to the multi stage HVAC system, the single stage HVAC systems are cheaper, mainly because they have less flexibility and options.


Disadvantages of Single Stage HVAC System

1.       Less control

Since single stage HVAC system have only one option to turn it on, the entire control and flexibility is minimum.

2.       Not suitable for all areas

Due to the lack of control, the single stage HVAC system is not suitable for all areas, especially if the humidity level there is higher.

3.       High Electric bills

The single stage HVAC system has a simple on and off type of operation. This is why when the system is turned, it starts entirely which causes the system to use more energy – this means higher electric bills.



What is a Multi Stage HVAC System?

Unlike the single stage HVAC system, the multi stage HVAC system has several heating and cooling output. Among all the multi stage HVAC system, the Two Stage HVAC system is the most popular. It has, as you have guessed, 2 settings. The high setting and the low setting. The high setting is for extreme climate conditions and the low setting is for moderate climate conditions.

With the low setting of the Two Stage HVAC system, the temperature of the room or any controlled environment will decrease or increase gradually. But if you need to alter the temperature of the air conditioning units quickly, you can opt to the high setting of the two stage system where the environment inside changes quicker compared to a low setting.

After the two stage system, three stage HVAC system and 4 stage HVAC system is more popular than other multi stage HVAC system. However, they are not even close to the Two stages because in terms of popularity because most of the houses in the United States and Canada use two stage HVAC systems.

Advantages of Multi Stage HVAC System

1.       More control

The multi stage HVAC system has a multi setting control. With the different settings on the central air conditioner, you can have more flexibility with the environment around you.

2.       Greater efficiency

Thanks to the multi setting setup of these HVAC systems, it is more efficient to use a multi stage HVAC system at a home in comparison to the single stage ones.

When the single stage ones are turned off and then turned on, the air conditioning unit consumes more electricity than the multi stage HVAC systems when they are low or stable settings. In that sense, multi stage ones are more efficient than single stage ones.

3.       More comfort

Multi stage HVAC systems are more efficient in absorbing the humidity from the air than single stage ones.


Disadvantages of Multi Stage HVAC System

1.       Expensive in comparison

Since the control for the multi stage HVAC systems is more diverse than single stage ones, they are more expensive. But it is definitely worth it.

2.       Comparatively complicated

These are comparatively harder to control and the AC repair situations are handled differently than the single stage ones. But other AC maintenance & repair procedures are the same as the single stage ones like air duct cleaning.



Single Stage HVAC vs Multi Stage HVAC – Which is most suitable for you?

Well, to be honest, there are a few factors that come into play when you need to decide whether Single Stage HVAC system is for you or Multi Stage HVAC system is more suitable for your home.

Your Location

If you are living in an area where humidity is higher, using multi stage HVAC system is the best option because multi stage ones are more efficient in absorbing humidity from the air.

Your Budget

Since the multi stage HVAC systems are more expensive than single stage ones, you might want to get one of those for your house. Also, they can be used as commercial HVAC units in your facility or workshop.


Bottom Line

Now that you know everything about single stage HVAC systems and multi stage HVAC systems, the entire process of selecting a heating and cooling unit for your home should be easy now. Just check the boxes what you want and you got yourself an AC unit that perfect for your home environment.