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Several questions come to mind when you go out on the hunt for the right HVAC system for your home. Even more, questions come to mind when you need to call in AC repair services for your current system. That is why; we have compiled some of the most common questions related to a new AC installation and AC repairs to give you a better understanding of everything involved. Let’s jump right into it.

For my HVAC system, what is the right capacity for me?

HVAC systems come with varying capacities suited for homes of different sizes. When you hire air conditioning services to come and install an HVAC system in your home, they will assess which will be best suited for your home. You should ensure that the system you choose is adequately efficient for its capacity and can handle the heating and air conditioning needs of your home fairly well. For example, from Trane systems, you get several options in different capacity categories, such as a Trane 14, Trane 15 or Trane 16 SEER model for a 2-ton HVAC system. Therefore, with great deliberation, make the right choice for your home. Usually, the HVAC installation crew can guide you on your decision as well with their expertise.

What type of system should I get?

In addition to different capacities, HVAC systems come in a variety of forms as well. For example, many HVAC systems use a combination of a standard air conditioning unit, a gas furnace, and a cased coil to take care of the heating and cooling needs of your home. This type of system is best suited for homes that are situated in environments exposed to more extreme weather conditions. That is, systems with Gas Furnaces are more geared towards dealing with the harsher winters of northern states. On the other hand, we have systems, which employ Heat Pumps, air handlers, and heat kits to handle all the heating and cooling needs of your home. Such a system is well equipped for those with homes in less extreme weather, as a heat pump is not as good as a gas furnace when it comes to keeping your home warm. However, a heat pump is far more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Once again, the AC installation service can help you with your decision on the best central ac unit for your home. Considering all factors is important before making your investment, as the HVAC installation procedure and HVAC cost leaves a lasting impact on your wallet.

Do I need new ductwork?

Another important part of HVAC installation, the ductwork. Before you get ready for your new AC Replacement, you should ensure that your AC maintenance & repair services hired make a thorough inspection of the current ductwork in your home. Having properly clean and well-maintained air ducts supporting your HVAC system is crucial if you want to have an energy-efficient and well-optimized system for your home’s heating and cooling.

If your old ductwork is still in a decent condition, you should opt for air duct cleaning services before installing your brand new system in your home. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your new system works properly once installed, and you get fresh air right from the get-go. Furthermore, cleaning out your ducts will greatly increase the lifetime of your HVAC system, as clean air ducts ensure the proper delivery of air to all your rooms without any additional pressure befalling the HVAC system. Therefore, after the initial air duct cleaning is taken care off, remember to periodically clean your air ducts to ensure efficient and proper operation throughout the lifetime of the central ac unit.

If however, your ducts are not up to the mark and are mold ridden to the point that mold removal is no longer effective, you will have to offer some extra cash for a full-on air duct replacement. Despite being a more expensive alternative, installing fresh ductwork into your HVAC system will ensure that you do not end up with leaks in your air ducts very early on in the life of the HVAC system. Furthermore, installing new ductwork means you will also be installing a new batch of air filters and other accessories, which will complement the new HVAC system well.

How can I lower my HVAC running costs?

There are several, simple ways to reduce the running costs associated with your HVAC system. First off, you can try replacing some of the older parts of your system with modern, more efficient versions. Newer HVAC machines tend to be packed with several efficiency measures making them ideal choices for anyone looking to cut down on costs. Trane systems and Carrier systems are great examples of this because they incorporate several important and effective features, which help, propel their systems to the top of the market in terms of efficiency.

 Ensuring that your system is well maintained is another simple way of keeping the efficiency of your system at its maximum at all times. In addition to this, if your system is easy to maintain, as a modern Goodman system, you will be well off keeping it tuned after each passing season. This involves keeping the air ducts supplying your home with air clean, thereby preventing dust and moisture from accumulating. Letting debris and moisture collect in your air ducts is a sure-fire way of ending up with molds in duct.

How will I know my HVAC system needs AC replacement?

If your HVAC system is not providing the promised cooling or makes erratic noises during operation, it’s time to go out and grab a brand new air conditioning unit. Having an older ac unit around will only act as a source of inefficiency for your system and so you should opt for a replacement as soon as possible.