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If you’ve decided to replace your evaporator coil and don’t have any idea about the cost of replacement, this is the blog for you. Installation cost and the price of the evaporator coil can vary between $850 to $1900. There are a few key factors behind these variations- warranty of the parts, installation costs, the size of your air conditioner, etc.

It’s important to know about the price because the HVAC professional you’ll hire may charge more than the actual price. So, if you don’t want to pay the extra fees, here is what you need to know about the costs of replacing an evaporator coil.


Costs of Replacing an Evaporator Coil

1.   Warranty of the Parts of Your HVAC System

When you first bought the air conditioner unit for your house and office, you received a warranty service from the manufacturer. This warranty can be up to 5 years or 10 years, depending on the manufacturer of the air conditioner. If you find that the warranty of your air conditioner has expired, you’ll have to pay the full repair money. Don’t expect that the HVAC professional will check and tell you whether the warranty has expired or not. You’ll have to check the warranty by yourself. You can call the customer care service of the manufacturer company. The customer care service will ask for the serial number and the model number of your air conditioner. After giving them the information, you’ll know whether you have a valid warranty or not. If you find out that your warranty is still available, tell your HVAC professional about that. Otherwise, the HVAC professional will charge you for the full repair cost, and you’ll end up overspending your money. Many users don’t follow this step and pay what they didn’t need to.

2.   Fees of the HVAC Professional

Payments of the HVAC professional vary from one professional to another. Some charges you hourly, and some will give you the exact time needed for the replacement. When the HVAC professional charges you hourly, you don’t know when the work will end, and you don’t have the idea of the total amount. So, this can create a conflict between the two parties. If the HVAC professional works slow, he/she will get more money, and it’ll be a reward for him/her.

On the other hand, when the HVAC professional gives you the exact time needed for the work, you can calculate the exact cost, and the HVAC professional will also try to finish the work within the time limit. This is a good option for both parties. So, when you hire an HVAC professional, try to know what exact amount they need to do the work.

3.   Size of Your Air Conditioner Unit

The cost of the evaporator coil also depends on the size of your air conditioner. Air conditioners are generally between 1 ton to 5 tons. The larger the size of your air conditioner, the more money it’ll need to replace the evaporator coil. So, talk to your HVAC professional about the size of your air conditioner, and he/she will replace the evaporator coil accordingly. Here is the list of price by the size of your air conditioner.

Size of the Air Conditioner (Tons)

Unit Price in Dollar

Total (without Labor Costs) in Dollar

1.5 to 2


700- 1,800



750- 2,000


350- 1,400

800- 2,300


400- 1,500

850- 2,400


450- 1,550

900- 2,500



950- 2,600

Labor cost varies from one professional to another. You should ask the HVAC professional about the charges before hiring.


See the summary in this infographic here – Cost of Replacing an Evaporator Coil [Infographic]

 How Much Does It Cost to Evaporator Coil?

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