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HVAC systems are responsible for removing a lot of the dust and pollution in the air circulating through your home. And to ensure you enjoy a fresh breeze year-round, your HVAC is equipped with a lot of the latest tools and add-ons which help it maintain a high quality of air in your home.


What are the main pollutants in an air conditioning system?

Indoor air pollution is an inevitability as there are several possible ways for contaminated air from the outside can find its way into your home. With dust and pollen being the primary offenders, letting this polluted air circulate through your home could lead to your allergies acting up.

In addition to outside influence, the inhabitants of the home also contribute to indoor air pollution. For example, dust mites are unavoidable, if you’ve got a pet, dander will be another contaminant. And finally, mold build up in your air ducts is a serious problem that needs professional attention. Mold spreads really quickly through your system, so, it’s best to hire air duct cleaning services regularly to get your ducts cleaned out properly. Lastly, replacing your air filters is also a great way to prevent mold and dust build-up.


Frequent air duct cleaning and good ventilation – the key to staying mold-free

The ventilation system in addition to the ductwork in your home is quite important when it comes to mitigating indoor air pollution. For instance, if you have a more advanced ventilation system wherein there are specially fitted exhaust fans that remove toxins from the air in addition to fumes, your air ducts will be cleaner, and you will be mitigating a lot of indoor pollution. This is a good way to combat indoor air pollution, especially in the context of industrial HVACs.


Use a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC System for humidity control

Humidity is another contributor to indoor air pollution as it greatly increases the concentration of pollutants. This is the case when you are dealing with mold. As there is more moisture in the air, there is a higher chance that mold will grow somewhere in your air ducts. In order to prevent this from getting out of hand, the problem is handled during AC installation.

During the testing stages, before an HVAC installation, good HVAC companies will perform rigorous testing to determine the capacity of the HVAC system required to maintain the appropriate level of humidity in your home.

In the case of an existing system, hire some AC repair and maintenance workers to come and have a look at your HVAC system. They will determine, with the help of a humidity gauge, whether or not your HVAC system is maintaining a healthy humidity level, that is, between 30 and 50 percent. Once the inspection is complete, if your humidity levels are sub-par you will need to install a VRF HVAC system. This particular system is capable of determining the precise requirements of a zone in your home, and by using the dampers installed in the air ducts, control the heating and cooling in an area as required.


To conclude, these are some of the ways your HVAC system helps you control both the weather and pollution inside your home. In most cases, cleaning out your air ducts will help keep the air in your home clean, therefore, hire the best AC maintenance & repair services for your HVAC system.


See the summary of this content in infographic – 2 Ways To Enhance Indoor Air Quality [Infographic]


 2 Ways to Enhance Indoor Air Quality


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