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Goodman 5 Ton 16 SEER Two Stage Air Conditioner Condenser GSXC160601

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The importance of an efficient and durable air conditioning unit in your HVAC system is paramount. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of central ac units available on the market from 

different vendors and HVAC companies. However, Goodman often stands out as the best choice given the numerous innovations they have implemented within their air conditioning units.

To perform efficiently, your air conditioning units need a state of the art compressor. Goodman understands this well and has fitted the GSXC16 with an exclusive next generation Copeland Scroll™ two-stage compressor. This particular compressor is made up of fewer moving parts and consumes less energy than other competing central ac units consume. Furthermore, it supports two stages of operation wherein you have a higher setting for the hottest days and a lower setting for less warm days. This allows the GSXC16 to perform efficiently no matter the demands set by the weather.

Goodman has paid close attention to the importance of maintaining the system as well, with the inclusion of smart, maintenance friendly technologies. First off, you have the ComfortBridge™ Technology, which works in tandem with the ComfortAlert™ Diagnostics to continuously monitor the entire air conditioning unit and pinpoints areas of failure. This information can then be communicated to the technicians you have hired to repair or work on your HVAC system via the CoolCloud™ HVAC app. In this manner, problems with your system are solved very quickly and ac repair & maintenance can be carried out frequently without incurring high costs.

Goodman has taken several steps to ensure that the air conditioning unit is less prone to damage and molds as well by using a factory-installed in-line filter drier, which fights the accumulation of dirt, moisture and therefore, molds in your system. This great prevention method works to keep you from ending up with molds in duct. Furthermore, it allows you to perform air duct cleaning quickly, as there will be less of a mess to deal with once you do call in air conditioning services.

To protect the air conditioning unit from external harm further, and reducing the need for frequent mold removal, Goodman has equipped it with a state of the art heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure cabinet, which protects the internals and has a baked enamel finish to fight external forces.

Product  Specifications

Product Line
Operating Mode 
Refrigerant Type
Installation Location
Compressor Stages 
DOE Regional Compliance 
Cooling BTU
5.0 Tons
Maximum Sound Level 
74 dB
Electrical Data
60 Hz
Minimum Circuit Ampacity
31.4 Amps
Recommended Breaker Size
50 Amps
Liquid Connection Size
3/8 Inch
Suction Connection Size
1 1/8 Inches
Product Height
42 1/4 Inches
Product Width
35 3/4 Inches
Product Depth
35 3/4 Inches
Product Weight
304 Pounds
Shipping Weight
326 Pounds
Country of Origin
United States
ETL Listed
Energy Star Listed
AHRI Certified
ISO Certified
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty 
Limited* 10 Years
Compressor Warranty
Limited* 10 Years

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