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Goodman 4 Ton 14 Seer Gas System

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HVAC systems are undoubtedly one of the biggest investments in your home that will be making. Therefore, getting a proper system that is primed for highly efficient performance in addition to having a durable build is crucial in making that investment worthwhile.

Among the giant HVAC companies, like Trane HVAC, and Carrier systems, lies Goodman and their lineup of smart residential HVAC solutions. For customers looking for a 4-Ton system for their home, we have the 14 SEER 4 Ton Single-Stage Gas System from GoodMan, which can serve valiantly as the true HVAC solution for your home.


Just like any other HVAC system, there are three essential parts, which make up this 14 SEER 4 Ton Single-Stage Gas System. They are:

-          An Outdoor AC Unit: GSX140481

-         A Gas Furnace: GMES800805CN

-          A Cased Coil: CAPF4860C6

All of these modules come together to bring you the most comfortable living environment in your home. In order to accomplish this vital responsibility, all of the individual components are equipped with their own characteristic features.

To achieve the efficiency goals of the system, both the gas furnace and air conditioner bring something special to the table, in the form of special energy-efficient scroll compressors and heavy-duty heat exchangers.

The HVAC system is just as durable as it is efficient as all of its components have special design measures in place to ensure that the system remains operational without problems for several years. In the case of the air conditioning unit, you have a galvanized steel enclosure cabinet. With the gas furnace, you are given an insulated furnace cabinet.

The claim of robustness is supported by an attractive limited 10-year warranty on the parts from Goodman, making the entire HVAC system just the right heating and cooling solution for your home. Therefore, you can expect to go a long time without the need for an AC Replacement, while saving costs on AC maintenance & repair.

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