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Goodman 3 ton 16 seer 410A Condenser GSX16S361

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The Goodman GSX16 specializes in performance and durability, and this is reflected in the features installed into the air conditioning system. Let’s get right into what it takes to be considered an industry leader in air conditioning units and how Goodman stays several steps ahead of other HVAC companies.

The high-efficiency compressor used in the Goodman GSX16 serves as a testament to Goodman’s strive for customer satisfaction with precise and efficient air conditioning. This compressor allows the air conditioner to achieve a high 16 SEER rating. Furthermore, it has proved that it is far more reliable than any other previous models.

The single-speed condenser fan motor also serves as one of the essential aspects of the central ac unit pushing it towards more efficient performance. In addition to an advanced fan design which allows it to operate quietly, the single-speed condenser fan motor supplies the condensing coil with a continuous and steady flow of air allowing it to perform as efficiently as possible.

In terms of durability, Goodman has made no sacrifices. First off, the GSX16 features a heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure cabinet. This works by protecting the internals in a louvered cabinet. Additionally, the outside is coated with appliance-quality, post-paint, baked enable finish to protect from all external damages.

Cooling BTUs34800 BTU
 Cooling Tonnage
3 Tons
 Maximum Overcurrent Protection (Breaker)
30 Amps
 Compressor Type
 ENERGY STAR® Qualified
 Liquid Line Connection Size
3/8 Inches
 Suction Line Connection Size
7/8 Inches
 TXV Required
 Noise Level
73.5 Decibels
 Pad Size
30x30 Inches
 Shipping Weight
225 lbs
29 Inches
29 Inches
38 1/4 Inches
208 / 230 Volts
60 Hz
 Voltage Phase
 Compressor Warranty
10 Years, Upgrade To Lifetime For Only $229 
 Parts Warranty
10 Year

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