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Goodman 2 Stage Gas Furnace GME80603BN

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The best kinds of Gas Furnaces stay operational for several years without a hitch, and the Goodman GME8 is no exception. Featuring several innovative technologies to push the system to new heights, the GME8 is an attractive, functional and efficient gas furnace suited to catering all your HVAC needs, while keeping the cost of AC services & repair low. Some of the most notable features of the GME8 include:

-          Distinctive Heavy-Duty Heat Exchanger Technology: Goodman has equipped the GME8 with a unique and innovative tubular, aluminized-steel heat exchanger. This ensures that you have an extremely efficient heat exchanger within your gas furnace and a very durable and reliable one too.

-          Variable-Speed Blower Motor Supports Efficiency: In order to provide precise heating at a lower energy-cost, Goodman has equipped the gas furnace with a variable-speed blower motor that is both quiet and is efficient.

-          Self-Diagnostic Control Board: With a smart board regularly monitoring the internals of the gas furnace, any problems are corrected almost immediately. Moreover, due to the presence of the board, troubleshooting is much easier. Finally, with the board constantly monitoring the output of the gas furnace, efficient operation is ensured.

-          Durable Silicon Nitride Igniter: With a state of the art silicon nitride igniter, GoodMan eliminates the need for a traditional pilot light. Moreover, you will have a more robust and durable igniter in your HVAC system.

General Information
Gas Furnace
Product Line
Fuel Type 
Natural Gas
Vent Type 
Chimney Vent
Two Stage
Blower Motor
ECM Multi-Speed
Gas Conversion Kit
Heating BTU
High Fire Input
60000 BTU
High Fire Output
48000 BTU
Low Fire Input
45000 BTU
Low Fire Output
36000 BTU
80 %
Maximum Air Flow
1200 CFM
Electrical Data
60 Hz
Minimum Circuit Ampacity
8.2 Amps
Recommended Breaker Size
15 Amps
Flue Connection Size
4 Inches
Cabinet Width
17 1/2 Inches
Product Height
33 3/8 Inches
Product Width
17 1/2 Inches
Product Depth
28 3/4 Inches
Product Weight
98 Pounds
Shipping Weight
98 Pounds
Country of Origin
United States
ETL Listed
AHRI Certified
ISO Certified
AHRI Reference Number
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty 
5 Years
Heat Exchanger Warranty
20 Years

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