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Heating systems have seen some major changes in their course. From a fireplace chimney to today’s Furnace and Heat Pump, household heating took some drastic turn in the last 2 decades. Even though initially gas furnaces were designed with one goal in mind, “to heat”, these days, gas furnaces are much smarter since “just heating” is not enough. HVAC companies are most concerned about making the furnaces more efficient and this is what drove them to incorporate modern Gas System units with advanced features.

Here are some of the most useful and practical features of modern-day gas furnaces. (Make sure to look for these features when you buy a new Gas Furnace for your house) –

Features Of Today’s Gas Furnaces by Rifat Ahmed

1.Multi-Stage Burners

A multi-stage burner is the main components that ensure the required amount of heat reaches the rooms. This is the components that can be controlled to increase or decrease the thermal delivery, hence the name multi-stage burner.

2.Programmable Thermostats

We all know the use of Thermostat in our home HVAC system. It is already a crucial part of the heating and cooling process. But its efficiency is further improved by making the thermostats programmable. Anything programmable gives you universal access to all the possibilities and opportunities. Programmable thermostats are no exception. Using a programmable thermostat, you can separate your whole day or week into several parts and then set different heating setting ensuring the maximum utility from minimum energy consumption. This way, when you leave for work or come from work, the furnace is automatically adjusted with its preset settings.

3.Smart Controls

With smart controls with your gas furnace, controlling is not limited to temperature adjustment. From humidity level to how the system is performing and even the overall condition of the indoor air is monitored and influenced by these smart controls. These smart controls work as the manager for your heating and air conditioning system. They can tell you when the filter needs changing and when to call AC repair guys, making furnace repair and maintenance much more convenient than they used to be.

4.Variable Speed, Multi-Speed & Fixed Speed Blowers

Blower fans of a gas furnace ensure the consistency or adjustability of the heated airflow speed. Regular fixed speed blower fan or single speed blower fan can only operate at a fixed speed. However, with a multi-speed blower fan, users get access to several airflow speeds that they can choose between, depending on the requirement of your family. But the best option of all is the variable speed ones. These blower fans have a variable setting for the fan speed meaning you can adjust the airflow as you want – convenience at its best.

5.Electronic Ignition System

Whether it is an air conditioner or a gas furnace, it is important that they are not “on’ when they aren’t supposed to. That’s why gas furnaces came a long way from “pilot” ignition system to Direct Spark Ignition System and Hot Surface Ignition (HIS). Both of them are electronic system and doesn’t require to be on all the time.

6.Labor & Parts Warranty

Even though it is not an actual feature but this is something that you should consider when you go to purchase a new gas furnace.

All the renowned brands offer manufacturers parts warranty, manufacturer labor warranty and heat exchanger warranty along with other facilities.

7.Agreement on extended service

This isn’t a feature either but rather a facility that you would get with most recognized brands or dealers. Some parts or services might not be covered by the warranty. For those parts and services, the company or dealer should offer you an extended service assurance which means during the length of the agreement, you won’t have to pay for the system breakdowns or other mechanical or technical failures. It will be covered by the company.

See the brief rundown of the features in this infographic – Features Of Today’s Gas Furnaces

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