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Is your furnace incapable of meeting your heating needs? Are you experiencing cold sport despite the fact you don’t own air conditioning units and while your furnace is at its best setting? An inefficient can be the reason for these cold spots and improper or uneven heating throughout the house. But like most HVAC system malfunctions; these shortcomings can be passed by taking proper AC maintenance & repair or heating system repair at the right time. You just need to know the right

Today, I thought I should talk about the common problem with the furnace, especially Gas Furnace in your home and how to handle the repair situation.


Problem 1 – Furnace not providing enough heat

When you realize that the furnace in your house is not providing enough heat for your house, most of the time, the reason is blown out or fused circuit breaker. But there could be even minor reasons behind this. Check your thermostat and ensure it is set to heat. You’ll be surprised to learn how many people just forget that their heating and cooling system is not set to “heat”. Then turn up the heat a few degrees and see if this makes any difference or not. If these two doesn’t help check the circuit breaker.

Here’s how to check the circuit breaker –

Look for the house breaker panel. Locate the circuit that controls your home furnace. See if it is in the “off” position or just laying on the middle.

If it is in the off position, push it to the other side. This should reset the breaker that is controlling your furnace. However, if for some reason this doesn’t work. This means you have a problem with the wiring. Get some professionals and get then wiring fixed.


Problem 2 – Clogged air filter issue

Apart from circuit faults, there is one other major reason why you might not feel proper heating. I’m talking about the uncleaned or clogged filter. So, to ensure the heating is done properly, you need to check and change the clogged filter in your heating and air conditioning system.

Here’s how to Check & Change the Clogged Filter –

Don’t worry, this is a simple process and it won’t take much longer for someone to identify whether it is time to change the air filter or not.

First, locate the furnace filter. Many furnaces these days have filters in their intake. Usually, these look like some grate in the floor, in the wall or on the ceiling. The rest of the models of furnace incorporate the filter in itself.  

Next up is checking the filter. The easiest way to check whether it is time to replace the air filter or is by looking through the filter on to a light source. Just pick up the filter. Hold it up in front of a light source. If the light is having problems passing through it, it means the filter is clogged and it’s time you replaced it. Another way to check whether you need a filter replacement is the smell. Look out for an unpleasant odor when you turn on the furnace.

Lastly, when you find out that your filter needs replacing, do it without wasting much time. But make sure your furnace is turned off when you replace. Pay close attention to the direction of the filter. If you install the filter with the flip side on top, the efficiency of your filter will decrease.


Problem 3 – Thermostat malfunction

I know this is silly ask you to check the thermostat again but as I have mentioned earlier, you’ll be shocked how many people make this type of silly mistake.

I’m going to guide you through the thermostat troubleshoot process, you just follow these steps.

Step 1 – Check whether your thermostats have a battery or not. Make sure to change the batteries at least once a year. But if your thermostat uses the electrical system to feed off, you won’t need to worry about the battery.

Step 2 – Open your thermostat and then blow into it gently. It will make sure there are no dirt and debris to clog it.

Step 3 – You need to ensure the time and date is set properly to your programmable or electrical thermostats.

Step 4 – Lastly, go through the circuit breaker once more to ensure it is not set to the off position.


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