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RTU stands for Roof Top Unit. RTU unit is a self-contained system that provides both heating and cooling for particular spaces. However, the RTU HVAC system is different from other HVAC systems because, in the traditional HVAC system, components are set separately. In contrast, the RTU unit is a packaged unit combining evaporator and condenser coil, compressor, heat source, and a fan. Produced heat and cold air reach the desired rooms by registers and ductworks. A question may come to your mind that why you should choose the RTU HVAC system. So, here are the pros and cons of choosing the RTU or Roof Top Unit system –


Advantages and Disadvantages of RTU HVAC System

Advantages of RTU HVAC System

  1. The RTU units are very energy efficient because all the components are produced in the factory in an optimized way. As a result, the RTU unit works efficiently and consumes less power. Also, it lowers your energy bills.
  2. The RTU unit takes less space to install as it is set up on your roof. Most of the homes in the city don’t have space in the backyard. Also, many homeowners don’t want to use their garden in setting up an HVAC system as it sometimes creates noise. So, when you use the RTU unit, you don’t have to worry about using the space of your backyard or the sound coming out from it.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of installing the RTU HVAC unit for your home is that it is very easy to install. As mentioned earlier, all the components are produced in a factory in an optimized way, and most of them are pre-installed. So, you don’t have to bear the hassle of installing the HVAC system by yourself or pay money to the HVAC professional to install it for you. Because of this, you’ll be able to save money.  
  4. In the RTU HVAC system, all the components of the heating and cooling system are installed in one place. As all the components of the HVAC system are in one place, it is very much easy for the professional HVAC technician to diagnose the problem and fix it. Also, it’ll take less time for the technician to identify the problem, and you don’t have to suffer for a long time when your heating and cooling system requires maintenance.


Disadvantages of RTU HVAC System

  1. As the RTU HVAC system will be installed in the rooftop, the HVAC system will be exposed to heat, bad weather, rain, snow, etc. So, it requires protection from these situations, and if not taken care of the system properly, you will have to call an HVAC technician regularly for maintenance and repair.
  2. The RTU HVAC system is also vulnerable to animals like cats and birds. Cats and birds can enter into the HVAC system and harm the system. These birds and animals can damage the ducts and fans of the heating and cooling system.
  3. The RTU HVAC system is only applicable to small buildings. If your building is multi-storied, you cannot use the RTU unit for your building. Because cold and warm air transfers through ductworks and if you live in a multi-storied building, it will be very complicated to use ductworks for conditioned air. However, if your building is under 10 stories, you can use the RTU HVAC system for your building.
  4. The RTU HVAC system is installed in the rooftop of your building, and because of that, you don’t get to see the HVAC system often. As a result, you start to neglect the heating and cooling system. But whichever HVAC system you use, it requires regular maintenance. When you skip the maintenance, your HVAC system may stop working, and you may need a replacement.


See the summary in this infographic – Advantages & Disadvantages of RTU HVAC System [Infographic]

Advantages & Disadvantages of RTU HVAC System

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