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In winter, the humidity level starts to drop compared to fall or summer. To feel warm and to stay away from cold, we turn on our heaters. But a heater or any HVAC system (especially the heating systems) decreases the humidity more and as a result, we start to have dry skin, allergies and, other skin related problems. Lack of moisture in the air is also a friendly environment for the germs to grow. In winter, the humidity drops down below 30%. But good humidity level is somewhat between 40-45%. However, it varies from person to person. So, here are some easy steps to increase the humidity in winter –


Top 5 Ways to Increase Humidity in Winter 

1. Use a Humidifier 

Using a humidifier is the most effective way to increase humidity in winter. It will quickly increase the moisture in the air. But before buying a humidifier, you need to choose a model that can cover all areas of your house or the room you will be staying in. It is a common mistake made by the customers that they buy a small humidifier or an incapable humidifier compared to their home size. As a result, they don't get the desired output from the humidifier and become dissatisfied. So, make sure that you are buying the right humidifier for your room or house. However, a humidifier is quite expensive and consumes a lot of electricity. But it is the most effective way to increase humidity in your house. 


2. Have Houseplants 

If you don't want to use a humidifier to increase humidity in winter, a houseplant can be the option for you. It is definitely eco-friendly and will not cost you extra money. It also adds color to your house. You can choose any houseplant by going to a nearby nursery. A houseplant increases moisture in the air without consuming any electricity. Houseplants increase humidity by the transpiration process. These plants absorb water and release the water by their leaves. Thus, they increase moisture in the air. But you will need to water the plants regularly. 


3. Keep the Bathroom Door Open while Having a Hot Water Shower

We all love our privacy while taking a shower, but it is a good and effective idea to keep the bathroom door open, especially when you are having a hot water shower. It allows the moisture to escape from the bathroom and spread all over the house. Thus, you can increase the humidity of your house. It also prevents mold from growing. 


4. Have Water-filled Vases

If you have a few extra vases, clean them up and put water in them. Now, place the water-filled vases around your house and the water will start to evaporate. Also, you can place the vases near the window. The water will heat up over time and it will lead to evaporation. Thus, you can increase the humidity of your house by using unused vases. These vases can also be used as a tool to add beauty to your house. 


5. Hang your Damp Laundry on a Drying Rack

Try to use a drying rack instead of the dryer while doing laundry. When your clothes become dry, the water from your clothes evaporates and increases the humidity level of your room. A drying rack is very cheap and affordable. But it will take a little bit longer to increase moisture in the air because the evaporation process is slow. However, it will save your money as it doesn’t consume any electricity to work.

These are some ways to increase the humidity level in your house. By following these methods, you can easily get rid of those skin related problems and have a comfortable house.


See the summary of this article in this infographic – 5 Ways to Increase Humidity in Your House [Infographic]

 5 Ways to Increase Humidity in Your House

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