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As a general user, when you need an HVAC service, you’ll most probably search on Google like any other person, and based on the reviews, you’ll select the HVAC service provider or HVAC equipment itself. But everything you see or read on Google isn’t correct; some are fabricated reviews, and some are real. So, how do you know which one is the real one? Here are a few ways to know whether the reviews are fake or real – 


5 Ways to Avoid Fake HVAC Reviews Online

1.   Copy the Review Text and Google It

If you think that the review you’re reading isn’t real, copy the review text and paste it on the search bar. If the review text matches any website, then it’s a fake review website. The owner of that website might have used some tools to write reviews on his/her website. Also, he might have hired someone to write reviews. But now you know the technique of identifying a fake review by simple Google search.

2.   Only Visit Trustworthy HVAC Websites

This is also an easy way to avoid fake HVAC reviews online. When you visit a reputed HVAC service provider website, chances are you’ll see only real reviews. Also, if you visit through Yelp or site like that, they automatically delete all the fabricated reviews and comments. So, it’s recommended that when you search for any HVAC service provider, search it with a reputed website or you can search on Google and click on the top search results. That’s how you can get rid of fake HVAC reviews.

3.   Details in the Review

Another way to identify a fake review is the lack of information on the service. Users generally write details of the service broadly, which they’ve taken. People will write every aspect of the service starting from the name of the HVAC technician, date, place, what was the problem, how the HVAC technician fixed it, behavior, customer experience, if the customer is happy or not, etc. If you find these details in the review, you can believe in those reviews.

Again, if you see all Five Stars in the review, it’s a fake review. Because there are some people who won’t give a five star even if the HVAC service matched all the criteria. So, if you see a mix of both five stars and four stars, you should believe in those reviews. The ideal review range should be between 4.5-4.8 out of 5.

4.   Reviews with Marketing Approach

If you see the reviews are looking like an advertisement more than user experience, chances are it’s a fake review. Generally, when people write reviews, they don’t mention the company name that often. People write what they feel and about the experience where the company name isn’t so important. But in those marketing speak HVAC reviews, you’ll see the use of HVAC company name too often, and all the reviews are very positive about the HVAC company service. That’s a warning sign that it’s a fake comment made by the HVAC service provider company or associated with it.

Again, if there is an option available where you can see the reviewer’s previous comments, check whether his/her reviews are all positive or not. If all the HVAC service reviews are positive, it’s a paid or fake review. Beware of these reviews.

5.   Review Dates

Review dates are also an important identifier while deciding whether the reviews are fake or not. If all the reviews posted on the website are on the same date or close to each other, then it’s a fake review. Because it’s infrequent to get real reviews on the same date as a business owner. So, when you find any kind of these reviews, you shouldn’t take that HVAC service and look for another one.


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5 Ways to Avoid Fake HVAC Review

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