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In Summer, the HVAC cost including energy consumption and AC repair cost increasing more than it should. I am saying “more than it should” because, in Summer, it is understandable to end up with much higher energy consumption bill since you will most probably use the central air conditioner in your house more than the Summertime. But you should not let the HVAC cost more than what is a must.

To ensure you don’t spend more on your air conditioning units than you should, here are 4 effective ways you can do so –


1.   Don’t use it when you don’t need it

Don’t use it when you don’t need it – this goes for everything from your air conditioner to your TV.

Many people don’t realize that keeping your electric appliance on stand by mode is not doing them any good. Not only do they consume energy at the stand by mode, but they also produce heat which eventually impacts the room environment. So, to mitigate the additional heat from the room, your heating and cooling system, more specifically your air conditioning unit have to work even harder, which means more energy consumption. This leads to higher energy bills that are completely unnecessary and a waste. So, whenever you are done using your electronics in your home, turn it off.

Same goes for the HVAC system. No matter what you are using, a heat pump, gas furnace or a central ac unit, you must turn it off when you don’t need it. This includes the times when you go out or when you go to bed.


2.   Make sure your HVAC system is cleaned

People take AC maintenance and repair lightly. They think air duct cleaning, coil cleaning, routine checkup, etc. are optional. But in fact, these are more important than updating your phone when a new update comes for your device. AC services and repair is very similar to phone update. Just like how your phone needs routine updates to ensure bugs aren’t hindering the performance, your heating and air conditioning system also require regular checkups by HVAC specialist and regular cleaning. The only difference is, your HVAC system, if uncleaned, will pose health hazards, especially your respiratory system.

Not that you should need any other reasons, apart from the health hazards, an uncleaned HVAC system will also take a toll on the monthly bills. This is because when the air ducts aren’t cleaned or the coils are cleaned, the efficiency of the HVAC unit is compromised. And when you try to tone down the temperature using an inefficient air conditioner, you are going to need more fuel or energy to reach your point.


3.   Keep it shut

Last week, I went to my sister’s house. There I noticed that she kept the windows open of the kitchen and turned up the central air conditioner. I asked her later about the monthly bills because I knew it’s going to be high. But when I heard the figure, I was blown away by the fact that her open windows are causing her to pay almost double of what she should pay.

This is a very common problem that air conditioner or HVAC system users have. They don’t care if the open window is making the whole air conditioner less efficient. They just want to cool the house down by opening the windows and turning on the AC together. But unfortunately, it just makes it worse. That’s why it is best to keep the windows and doors closed when you are using an air conditioner.


4.   Take full advantage of the advanced technology at your disposal

The chances of you not knowing how to take full advantage of your phone are very low, especially in this day and age where we book a ride on Lyft or Uber and book air tickets online. So I can assume that you will also be able to take the full advantage of all the electric gadget to make your heating and cooling experience convenient.

All the major HVAC companies – even the expensive models and bands – have outstanding innovation incorporated with their systems, the vast majority of which individuals decide to effectively overlook.

From the smart and automated systems that switch the temperature all over as individuals enter and leave the home to individually controlled zones, air conditioners are not what they used to be.


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