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Make up unit pulls air from outside and condition the air inside temperature. Make up air unit is generally used in restaurant kitchens. By using it in restaurant kitchens you can get rid of unpleasant and dangerous conditions. Generally, a restaurant kitchen has at least two exhaust systems where one is used for steam-generating appliances and another is used for heat and grease generating cooking appliances. These exhaust systems used in the kitchen are very powerful and suck out thousand of cubic feet/ minute. When the air is pulled out from the indoor unit, the fresh air is needed to be transferred inside. When the kitchen needs air replacement, an air conditioner cannot do it by itself. That’s why you will need a make up air unit for the kitchen. Here are a few reasons why you will require a make up air unit for your restaurant kitchen. 


Top 4 Reasons to Have a Make Up Air Unit in Restaurant Kitchen

1.    To Eliminate the Negative Air Pressure

If there is not enough air replacement, it can cause negative air pressure. Because of the negative air pressure, door and drafts will be difficult to open and your chefs in the kitchen may feel discomfort while cooking. Cooking is an art and you must ensure that your artist is getting the proper workplace. Also, you will see high-velocity cross drafts and as a result, your workers and the customers will feel uncomfortable. There is a chance that dust can sit on the food and if so, there is no doubt that it will put a negative impact on your profit. If we consider all these, you will face troubles while dealing with the customer and it will not be a pleasant experience for your customers.

2.    Back Drafting

A restaurant kitchen has chimneys or draft stacks to remove the toxic carbon monoxide (CO) and other dangerous fumes or gases. Because of the lack of air supply, there will be negative air pressure. Small particles like dust or micro-organisms in the air will come back inside rather than going outside. As a result, your customers and the employee’s health will be in danger. Also, if your restaurant has a carbon monoxide detector, the detector will go off and then the fire fighters will show up in your restaurant which is not a good sign for your business.

3.    Excessive Grease in the Kitchen

In a normal kitchen, you will notice the presence of grease. It is common for those kitchens that have any exhaust system. But in restaurant kitchens, it is a must to have. When your restaurant kitchen doesn’t have a make up air unit, the exhaust system will not work as expected. As a result, your chefs will have a lot of trouble cleaning the grease and it will also decrease productivity. It is necessary to clean your restaurant kitchens and if not, you will have to pay a heavy amount of fine. That’s why a make up air unit is very important for your restaurant kitchen.

4.    Low Comfort and Higher Energy Bills on HVAC

When there is an inadequate amount of air, there will be an imbalance in heating and cooling conditions. Unfortunately, the measures that are taken to solve this heating and cooling problem lead to higher energy bills. When the outside air enters your restaurant, you will feel hot or cold according to the outdoor temperature. Generally, you will think to add a heater or change in the air conditioner to balance the air. But the air will continuously come inside and your measures will be in vain. If you have make up air unit, you will not face such a problem.


See the summary in this infographic here – 4 Reasons to Have a Make Up Air Unit in Restaurant [Infographic]

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