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Older homes have their own history, style and significance that attracts people. But older homes come with several HVAC problems too. In this article, we will talk about some of those HVAC problems in older homes.

4 HVAC Problems in Older Homes

1.   Inefficient HVAC Unit

Older homes usually come with old HVAC units. If the previous owner hadn’t performed annual maintenance checkup regularly, chances are you’ll have to face problems with your HVAC system like inefficient heating or problem, unusual noise, zoning, poor indoor air quality, and so on.

Generally, heating and cooling units last about ten to fifteen years. After that, they start to perform poorly. Besides, after this period, no matter how frequently you do HVAC maintenance checkup, your AC or heat pump unit won’t perform the same. That’s why before moving to an older home, ask the previous owner about the routine maintenance checkup and the age of the HVAC unit.

If the previous owner didn’t perform regular maintenance checkups or the unit is old, you’ll have to replace the whole unit. Again, when you know that the house has an older HVAC unit, you can bargain the price while buying the home.

2.   Leaks in Air Ducts

Air ducts transport the air from the HVAC unit and keep the space comfortable. But over time, if the air conditioner or heating unit isn’t properly maintained, air ducts may have leaks, and produced air will leak through them. Eventually, your comfort will be hampered.

Again, due to lack of HVAC maintenance, molds and insects can start to form inside the air ducts.

When there are molds in the air duct, the indoor air quality will be reduced and make everyone in your homesick. That’s why if you are planning to live in an older home, you’ll have to ensure that the air ducts of your heating and cooling unit are in good condition, and if it has leaks, you’ll have to repair or replace them as soon as possible.

3.   Outdated & Manual Thermostat

When your old home has an old HVAC system, chances are it has an outdated thermostat as well.

An outdated/manual thermostat can perform only basic functions and causes problems like frequent cycling, hot and cold zone, inadequate cooling, wear and tear in the heating and cooling unit, etc.

But when your HVAC unit has a smart thermostat, you won’t have to face such problems. Besides, a modern thermostat comes with some unique features such as Wi-Fi or remote control, scheduling the temperature, automatic human detection, and so on.

With these features, you can enhance the overall comfort and reduce the monthly heating and cooling bill at the same time. However, to install an advanced programmable thermostat in your heating and cooling unit, you may have to replace the whole HVAC unit. That’s why it’s recommended to consult with a nearby HVAC professional before installing the advanced thermostat in your old HVAC unit.

4.   Bad Air Quality & Insulation

Older homes usually have a lot of trees and flowers near the building. These trees and flowers make our day more refreshing. However, these plants produce pollen, which can enter your home and cause irritation. Again, if you have a family member who has respiratory health problems, you should be more concerned about this.

Unfortunately, most older homes are unable to stop these pollens and dust from entering your home. Besides, these homes lack proper insulation. As a result, produced hot and cold air easily leaks through them and makes your air conditioner or heat pump operate longer.

However, I have good news for you. You can still insulate your older home properly by taking few measures. For example, you’ll have to look for holes in your older homes. Besides, check the broken windows and doors of your house. Often times, air leak through these holes and make your AC unit or heat pump system run longer. As soon as you find leaks and holes in your home, you’ll have to call a technician and repair them quickly.


The best way to do all these repairs and maintenance is by calling a nearby HVAC professional. If you ‘re a Dallas resident, you can call Green Leaf Air. We have some of the best HVAC technicians in the USA and we have years of experience in dealing with HVAC systems.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – 4 HVAC Problems in Older Homes [Infographic]

4 HVAC Problems in Older Homes

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