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4 HVAC Problems Caused By Duct Issues

After a couple of days of installing the HVAC system in your home or office, you may be facing a lack of airflow coming out of your HVAC system. Or you may smell a bad odor. These problems can be caused by a faulty duct. When you don't do a regular HVAC maintenance checkup, it's inevitable. So, here are 4 HVAC problems caused by duct issues –


4 HVAC Problems Caused by Duct Issues

1.   Abnormal Noises Coming Out of the HVAC System

The first thing that you'll notice when you've got a duct problem is abnormal noises coming out of your HVAC system. However, it's a common sign for other HVAC problems. Any abnormal noise coming out of any system isn't a good sign, especially for HVAC systems. Ducts in your HVAC system can develop cracks and leakage over the years because of continuous usage. Air will pass through these leakages and sound like a whistle. Again, if your ducts are made of rectangular metal sheets, you'll hear popping sound coming out of your HVAC system.

If you live in an old building, chances are you'll face this problem more often. When there's a hole in the ducts, the airflow will be reduced, and you won't get the proper heating and cooling from your HVAC system. To solve this problem, you can do regular HVAC maintenance checkup to ensure all the ducts are in good shape. You should contact an HVAC professional for this, and the ductwork inspection should be free.

2.   Bad Air Quality

There's nothing more important than clean and healthy air you breathe. Air quality affects the daily comfort and especially when you're living in a city where pollution is everywhere. If you've got a faulty duct in your HVAC system, all the small particles and allergens will enter your house. Also, a faulty duct may contradict the main reason for installing an HVAC system in your house by allowing unhealthy and polluted air entering your house. Because of this, you'll be in contact with dangerous volatile organic compounds or VOCs, pesticides, and pollen. This will definitely affect your lungs and whole body. Also, you may suffer from bronchitis or lung diseases in the future.

3.   Bad Smell

When you've got a duct problem in your HVAC system, it may be because of the faulty ducts. Many people make this mistake of thinking that bad odor is coming out of the HVAC system. But actually, it's coming from the faulty duct.

Faulty ducts can be the breeding ground for molds. Water or moisture can build inside the ducts, and this is the perfect breeding ground for molds and mildews. As a result, molds and other micro-organisms start to grow inside the duct and creates a bad odor. These micro-organisms are sometimes bad for your health, and you can develop various diseases inside your body.  

4.   Obstructed Airflow

If the duct of your HVAC system has a leak, the airflow won't reach the area you wanted. Also, if there are dust and debris present in the duct, your heating and cooling system won't be able to provide enough airflow.


So, if you see any of these signs, you should examine the duct of your HVAC system. Also, if you feel the air in your home or office is stuffy, there's a high possibility that there's a problem in the duct of your HVAC system.

These are the top 4 problems caused by the faulty duct of your HVAC system. You can easily avoid these problems by doing regular HVAC maintenance checkups. An HVAC professional can help you in this, and he'll easily identify the problem and fix it accordingly.


See the summary infographic here – 4 HVAC Problems Caused By Air Ducts [Infographic]


4 HVAC Problems Caused by Air Ducts

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